Benny Andersson Band in Uppsala, August 25!

Benny Andersson Band with Helen Sjöholm and Tommy Körberg

BAO with Helen Sjöholm and Tommy Körberg will invite you to dance only once this summer (2012). They will set up their own dance floor for an evening on Vaksala Square in Uppsala on August 25 at 19:00, local time. This concert is held in conjunction with the Eric Sahlström 100 year anniversary to celebrate and commemorate the national folk musician Eric Sahlström, who would have turned 100 in 2012. Eric Sahlström was a highly respected musician, composer and instrument builder and he is the person who meant the most to nyckelharpa development, dissemination and success, both in Sweden and internationally. During the jubilee days (August 24-25, 2012) venues will be created for musicians, dancers and a wide audience. More info about the program at www.ericsahlströ

Benny Andersson is a board member of Eric Sahlström's Memorial Foundation, which initiated the anniversary celebration.

During the summer of 2011 BAO did their 10th anniversary tour around Sweden; a highly acclaimed tour from north to south. Their new CD O Klang och Jubeltid, which was released in early summer, is now approaching platinum and the single En dag i sänder remains in a high position on the Swedish charts. Swedish Television recorded some of these summer concerts which was shown in early January!

BAO consists, in addition to the bandleader Benny Andersson, accordion and piano, of Leif Göras, Olle Moraeus, Perra Moraeus, Kalle Moraeus and Nick Göthe, violin etc. (= Orsa Musicians), Göran Arnberg, pump organ, Janne Bengtsson, flute, Pär Grebacken, saxophone and clarinet, Jogga Ernlund, double bass, Calle Jakobsson, tuba, Leif Lindvall trumpet, Lars Rudolfsson, accordion, Jörgen Stenberg, drums and percussion and Helen Sjöholm and Tommy Körberg, vocals.

Tickets to this concert may be purchased through,, 077-170 70 70 and Ticnet agents.

Ticket prices: Adults 425 SEK, children up to 7 years free. Service charge in all categories.