Program at Uppsala Konsert & Kongress, Aug 25

Seminar: The Nyckelharpa - From Forge to Japan
Sven Ahlbäck, fiddler and professor of Swedish folk music at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, moderates this discussion/seminar.
Time: 11.00–12.30
Room: C
There is no cost to attend the seminar.

Concert: "In Eric's Kitchen"
This concert is a new and innovative concert form which is built upon the intimacy of folk music. The stage will be built as a kitchen in Room B in the concert hall with audience surrounding the stage. Ditte Andersson and Leif Alpsjö will moderate the event with the participation of many well known musicians. In the kitchen, tunes will be played, coffee will be drunk, memories will be shared, and stories will be told highlighting Eric Sahlström and his music.
Time: 13.00-14.30
Room: B
There is no cost for this concert.

Take the opportunity! Come to these workshops and test playing a nyckelharpa and learn the polska step. Eric Sahlström's Institute will have nyckelharpas to try.
Nyckelharpa, workshop 1: 13.00–13.45, Room K4
Nyckelharpa, workshop 2: 14.00-14.45, Room K4
Dance, workshop 1: 13.00-13:45, Room C
Dance, workshop 2: 14.00-14:45, Room C
There is no cost to attend these workshops.

Exhibit – how to build a nyckelharpa!
Come and see how a nyckelharpa is built! Esbjörn Hogmark will show the many steps of the process as well as materials, plans, templates and tools. The exhibit will also show how Eric Sahlström changed and developed the nyckelharpa. Additionally, images from Eric's workshop and a slideshow/video about building will be shown.

There are several opportunities to view films about Eric Sahlström. Films are shown from 1 p.m. till 10.30 p.m.
Room K2 and K3.
There is no cost to view these films.

Jubileum Concert: In Memory of Eric Sahlström
The Jubileum Concert in the main hall, hosted by master of ceremonies Mark Levengood, features a broad range of artists including Väsen, Bazaar Blå, Hedningarna, The Sahlström Family, Olov Johansson, Cajsa Ekstav, Ditte Andersson, Torbjörn Näsbom, Johan Hedin, Peter "Puma" Hedlund and Emila Amper among others. Over 100 youth nyckelharpa players will participate in the grand finale of the concert.
Time: 15.00–17.30
Room: A
Tickets to the Grand Concert are available through

Other opportunities
The entire bottom floor of Uppsala Konsert & Kongress is available for music and dance.
Time: 11.00-24.00

Also on level 3 (mid-level at the concert hall)  will be materials from the Eric Sahlström Foundation as well as CDs by the participating artists. Don't miss the chance to purchase the solo CD by Eric Sahlström released during the festival!

There will be food and drink available for purchase.

This program is subject to changes.