Fiddlers' Parade through town!

On August 25th at noon, Eric Sahlström will be honored with a large fiddlers parade through central Uppsala! All musicians are welcome to participate.

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Fiddlers' parade in Österbybruk 1978. Photo: Gunnar Lindkvist.

Everyone who wishes to participate in the parade should gather outside the Uppland Museum at the latest 11:45. No advance registration is necessary. The parade departs at noon. If you would like help to get your instrument case to the Central Station (where the parade ends) you should be at the Uppland Museum even earlier. Free transportation of instrument cases from the Uppland Museum to the Central Station is offered.

The first section of the parade route is from the museum to the main square. We will go on S:t Eriks Gränd, over Dombron, follow St Persgatan to Svartbäcksgatan to Stora Torget. The second section follows Kungsängsgatan south. The parade will turn left onto Vretgränd which leads directly to the Central station. We will gather for an "allspel" at the Central Station. From there, it is a short distance to UKK.

We anticipate a large gathering of musicians with all sorts of instruments! From experience, we know not to have groups larger than 30-40 musicians. If the group is larger, participants cannot see or hear the leader. Therefore, we will divide ourselves into groups. Between each will be about 50-75 meters. Each group will have a leader who will led the group and mark the beat.

The parade will reach Uppsala Konsert & Kogress before 13.00.  

The tunes which will be played during the parade will be determined by each leader, but Äppelbo Gånglåt and Mungalåten are two candidates. Likely allspel tunes include Tobogubben, Styvbergs Schottis, Vendelpolskan and Kärleksvalsen.

More information
For more information about the Fiddlers' parade, contact Sture Hogmark, tel 070 655 41 43, e-post:

In the case of rain, the fiddlers' parade will be cancelled.

Map – Fiddlers' parade