Celebration at the Eric Sahlström Institute on August 24, 2012!

On August 24, 2012 Eric Sahlström's 100th birthday will be celebrated at the Eric Sahlström Institute in Tobo (ESI).

Free entrance!

19.00 Concert with Eva Tjörnebo & Viskompaniet

Coffee & cake!

Dance to: Trollrike Spelmän, Söderfors brukskapell and others.

Jam and "buskspel" in the whole house!

Take the opportunity to visit the nyckelharpa building museum where you can learn more about building nyckelharpas. Book the date in your calendar and plan to bring your dance shoes and instrument.

The Eric Sahlström Institute is situatied in Tobo, about 50 km north of Uppsala. One of the local trains, "Upptåget" stops at the Tobo station. More info at www.ul.se/en/

Eva Tjörnebo & Viskompaniet

Photo: Per Rönmark
Eva Tjörnebo
is one of Sweden's leading vocal artists. She has visited many of the tradition bearers and accumulated a huge wealth of songs - beautiful, funny and telling. With her stunning performance, Eva enthralls her audience with music and the stories behind the tunes. Eva visited the home of Eric Sahlström many times and has numerous fond memories to share. During the concert at the Eric Sahlström Institute she performs with Viskompaniet, a group that has played straight into the hearts of many people! Do not miss this concert!

Trollrike Spelmän

Photo: Staffan Claesson
Trollrike Spelmän
is a group of reputable Uppland folk musicians who play tunes from the Sahlström family tradition. A characteristic of their performance is the danceable swing! They will provide dance music at Eric Sahlström Insitute on August 24. Don't forget your dance shoes!

Trollrike Spelmän was founded in Vendel 1976 with Sture Sahlström as the leader. He generously shared his near 200-year Sahlström tune tradition including polskas and waltzes so typical of the rhythmic Uppland folk music. Sture Sahlström, younger brother of Eric Sahlström, played nyckelharpa and lived on the farm Trollrike until his death in 2009. Songs from Sahlström family's musical tradition have always been central to the group's repertoire. It is a musical tradition from the Vendel area in northern Uppland, passed on from Sture's grandfather Lars, father Anders and brothers Eric and Kalle.

Today's members include Annika Ekstav, nyckelharpa, Cajsa Ekstav, nyckelharpa and fiddle, Gunnel Haulin bass, Håkan Larsson, nyckelharpa, fiddle and harmonica, Erika Lindgren-Liljenstolpe, fiddle, Marit Lundkvist-Reyes, fiddle, Sonia Sahlström-Larsson nyckelharpa and fiddle, Olle Sahlström, nyckelharpa, Kristin Sahlström, nyckelharpa and fiddle, Thomas Wallby, guitar and Håkan Wallin, nyckelharpa.

Trollrike Spelmän will play for dancing after the concert with Eva Tjörnebo and Viskompaniet!

Söderfors Brukskapell

Söderfors Brukskapell will play for dancing at the Eric Sahlström Institute! Take a spin to the tunes of this esteemed and respected group! A rich blend of polskas and gammeldans in rhythmical swing! They play tune from all over Sweden and even some from our neighbors to the east and west.

Söderfors Brukskapell was founded in 1983 and the nine members are: Christer Sundbom, Per-Ola Lööf , Karl-Oskar Elmkvist, Hans Johansson och Gösta Ringström on nyckelharpa, Monica Boström och Lars Forslund on fiddle, Jerry Boström bass och Lars Lindström guitar.

Söderfors Brukskapell  will play for dancing after the concert with Eva Tjörnebo and Viskompaniet!

The Eric Sahlström Institute is a national center for folk music and dance. When they are not hosting parties, they host high quality courses and workshops. ESI works regionally, nationally, and internationally. ESI works to promote, to bring to life and develop, while spreading knowledge folk music and folk dance. ESI has a particular interest in preserving the nyckelharpa.